mercredi 7 mars 2012

The Offspring Live: full concert at Rockpalast Düsseldorf Germany 1997

This one is not mine but thank to sortmanSly to put it on youtube!

The Offspring Live at Rockpalast 1997

See the video below :

The songs are written by The Offspring.

Dexter Holland (lead vocals, rhythm guitar).

Noodles Wasserman (lead guitar, backing vocals).

Greg Kriesel (bass guitar, backing vocals).

Ron Welty (drums).

01. Bad Habit

02. Cool To Hate

03. Genocide

04. Come Out And Play

05. The Meaning Of Life

06. Mota

07. Nitro(Youth Energy)

08. Killboy Powerhead

09. Kick Him When He's Down

10. Intermission

11. All I Want

12. Gotta Get Away

13. So Alone

14. Gone Away

15. What Happened To You

16. Smash

17. Self Esteem

18. Session

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